Alligator Watching on the St. Johns River


Your Content Goes Here Nature enthusiasts & adventure seekers alike can find a thrill in the heart of Florida's captivating wilderness. The St. Johns River meanders through the lush landscapes of the Sunshine State offering an unparalleled opportunity to witness the mesmerizing beauty of alligators in their [...]

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See Floridas Alligators Up Close


Your Content Goes Here Choosing A St Johns River Airboat Tour is an excellent way to experience the St. Johns River's beauty while supporting local businesses. Their expertise & passion ensure an educational engaging experience for visitors of all ages. As you glide through the river's winding [...]

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Will I See Bald Eagles?


Will I See Bald Eagles? One of the most common questions we get is…Will I see blad eagles on the river? Are there bald eagles living on the river? Yes, there are multiple nests- Learn more about the bald eagle We answer many more questions in our [...]

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St Johns River FAQs Answered


St Johns River FAQs Answered St Johns River has a rich history and continues to be the most important river in Florida. We will answer some questions our airboat tour guests ask about the St Johns River. Is it the longest river in Florida? Yes at 310 miles [...]

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