St Johns River FAQs Answered


Your Content Goes Here St Johns River has a rich history and continues to be the most important river in Florida. We will answer some questions our airboat tour guests ask about the St Johns River. Is it the longest river in Florida?  Yes at 310 miles [...]

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The Reptiles of the St Johns River


Your Content Goes Here The St Johns River is home to a diverse and thriving ecosystem with thousand of species including mammals, fish, birds, amphibians, and reptiles which we feature today. The Alligators are the Star of the Florida Reptile Show  When people think of reptiles they [...]

The Reptiles of the St Johns River2022-07-25T00:46:08-05:00

Are Airboat Tours Family Friendly?


Your Content Goes Here Reasons Airboats are a Memorable Family Outing Straight From Our Customers! One of the frequent questions we hear is “Are Airboat Tours Family Friendly?” Our Tripadvisor reviews from our clients answer the question of why A St Johns River Airboat Tour’s rides are a great [...]

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Unique Central Florida Attractions


Your Content Goes Here When people visit Orlando or the Space Coast of Florida they often visit famous attractions such as amusement parks like Disney and Universal. Today we share 6 unique Attractions in Central Florida that will make your vacation unforgettable and full of great memories! [...]

Unique Central Florida Attractions2022-07-25T00:46:36-05:00

Tips for the Best Airboat Ride


Your Content Goes Here Airboat tours are fun and full of memories to last a lifetime.  Here at A St Johns River Airboat Tour, LLC we pride ourselves on providing the very best airboat tour experience of the St Johns River. To make sure you are comfortable [...]

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The Birds of the St Johns River


Your Content Goes Here When you visit the St Johns River the birds are definitely one of the stars of the show when photographing this stunning ecosystem. When you take a ride with A St Johns River Airboat Tour you can see all of the following birds. [...]

The Birds of the St Johns River2022-07-25T00:47:19-05:00

Airboat Tours for the Locals


Your Content Goes Here At A St Johns River Airboat Tour, LLC we share the wonders of the St Johns River with people from all over the world when they visit Central Florida. Many of these visitors come back year after year. We especially love it when [...]

Airboat Tours for the Locals2022-05-26T08:17:13-05:00

Florida Bald Eagle Facts


Your Content Goes Here These majestic birds are one of the many birds who call the St Johns River home.  A few of our favorite facts about the Bald Eagle: Bald Eagles are one of the most successful conservation efforts. They were removed from the endangered [...]

Florida Bald Eagle Facts2022-07-20T14:48:09-05:00

Easy Website Links


Your Content Goes Here Another Great Way to Learn About A St Johns River Airboat Tour, LLC   We make sure to invest the time, money, and effort to continually provide you with a fast easy to use as well as fun, educational, and beautiful website and [...]

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Win Free Airboat Tour Tickets


Your Content Goes Here We have been very blessed to provide the best airboat tour of the St Johns River to Central Florida residents and visitors for almost 20 years! We have hundreds of positive reviews for our guests and treasure each one. Recently through no fault [...]

Win Free Airboat Tour Tickets2022-05-04T15:02:01-05:00
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