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Airboat Tours of Florida’s swamps and everglades are a must-see attraction when in Central Florida. We answer some of the most common questions we receive about airboat rides.

Where Does My Tour Launch From?

We are a family-run business based in Titusville. We meet our guests and launch our airboat tours at 28500 E Colonial Dr. Christmas, FL 32709  conveniently located halfway between East Orlando and Titusville at the public boat ramp in East Orange County. We are only 45 minutes from Disney World and Daytona Beach!

What Should I Bring on an Airboat Tour?

We suggest dressing in layers appropriate to the weather in Christmas, Florida, at the time of your tour, to ensure your comfort. Make sure to bring your camera, hat, sunscreen, and sunglasses. We provide everything else!

What Airboat Tour Time is Best? Day or Night?

This is an impossible question to answer since both are very different and just as magical. Whether you choose the daytime or nighttime tour we guarantee you will be happy you did! Check out the photo gallery of our tours and the St James River to help decide which airboat experience you prefer.

What Will I See During an A St Johns River Airboat Tour

The St Johns River is home to an active ecosystem from the grand cypress trees to the flowers and wildlife. During an airboat tour in Florida, you have a chance to see the birds of the St Johns River like bald eagles, ibis, coots, owls, blue heron, pelicans, cranes, woodpeckers, and animals including turtles, snakes, otters, manatee, Florida panthers and of course the many alligators that call the river home. Take a virtual airboat ride with A St Johns River Airboat Tour.

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How Much Does an Airboat Ride In Central Florida Cost?

Our Airboat Tours start at $55 per guest. Private airboat tours are available starting from $220! Click to view A St Johns River Airboat Tour Options and Pricing.

What are Central Florida’s Best Attractions?

Seeing Floridas Alligators in the wild on an airboat is definitely considered one of the area’s best family activities. Central Florida is also home to many other attractions such as amusement parks, beautiful beaches, fantastic restaurants, and stunning views everywhere.

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