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A St Johns River Airboat Tour has gathered a list of fun activities for adults and kids to experience during your visit to Central Florida.

Of course, we believe an airboat tour on the St James River with A St Johns River Airboat Tour LLC is at the top of our list. Whether you love nature, adventure, speed, or just wanna see alligators an airboat tour is the best way to see the Florida Everglades. Just ask rlnelson5 who said this about us on Tripadvisor reviews:

“Of the 4 people in our group, 2 of us had airboat ride on our top 10 list to do on this visit to Florida. When we landed and got our car, we started looking for something to do in Orlando before heading towards Daytona and consulted Trip Advisor. We called Denny who, when she heard we were driving down 50, arranged for Mike to fit us into his schedule in 20 minutes! Perfect! He took us out on the boat he had built to his specs and maintains. It seats up to 6. It was just the 4 of us on this tour. The ride was a blast, we looked at a cypress grove, learned some local Florida history, saw birds, cattle, and wildlife, he made sure we saw some alligators even though afternoon is not the best time to see them, AND Denny packed a cooler with drinks and snacks all of which was included in the price of the 1.5 hour tour.”

Read on for more cool things to do around Central Florida

Indoor and Outdoor Fun Florida Attractions

We have something for everyone on our list of fun attractions near Orlando We included inside and outside activities that will provide thrills for visitors and residents that are adult and child friendly.

  • Ziplining

There are serval options for zipline adventures in and around Orlando. Many include live Alligators. We love the Tree Top Trek with ziplines and obstacles the soar over the Brevard Zoo. 

Bonus Tip: Book your zipline in the afternoon so you can visit the zoo to feed the giraffes and birds in the morning. Make sure to get there early.

  • Beach Day

With so many beaches to choose from Central Florida has the perfect beach if you want to collect shells, surf, lay in the sun, paddleboard, busy or quiet there’s a beach close to Orlando your family will love! One of our favorites is Cocoa Beach.

Learn about space, see rockets, astronauts, and more when you visit the Space Center. If there is a rocket launch scheduled make sure to grab a chair and experience a live rocket leaving Earth!

  • Take a Sea Turtle Tour

Sea Turtle Preservation Society in Melbourne, a short drive from Orlando, hosts sea turtle walks are during the summer. Visitors will get up close and personal to mama sea turtles making and filling their nests as well as receive educational training before hitting the beach. 

  • Vist where the Locals Eat

Central Florida boasts some of the best restaurants in the country. Fresh seafood is a favorite. Go off the beaten path and find the places where the locals eat for a great food experience

  • Amusement Parks

Our list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the many amusement parks such as Disney, Universal, Lego Land, and Old Town. If thrill rides are your thing Orlando is the place to visit.

  • Paddleboard through Downtown Tampa

Rent a paddleboard and paddle through the canals to see downtown Tampa in a whole new way.

  • Gather Sea Shells at Sanibel Island

The seashell capitol Sanibel Island is located close to Orlando on central Florida’s west coast. If you are searching for prize shells this is the place to go.

 Bonus: You are likely to see Dolphin!

We hope you enjoyed this article to help you find the perfect fun attractions to visit. Vacation or staycation we hope you have fun! 

It’s easy to book an airboat ride with A St Johns River Airboat Tours send us a text with the number of guests and the date and time you are looking for. You can also reserve your airboat tour online.

You can also reserve your airboat tour online.