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It’s Always Christmas in Christmas Florida where Our Airboat Tours Launch!

We love the town of Christmas and today we share some fun facts and activities you can enjoy when you visit Christmas Florida.

  1. The town of Christmas has about 1100 residents and is located close to Orlando and Floridas beautiful space coast.
  2. The town was named in 1837 by soldiers. that arrived on Christmas day
  3. People come from all around to mail their Christmas cards with the Christmas, Florida postmark. Santa himself has also been known to visit the post office in Christmas, Florida to personally stamp letters & packages!
  4. Many roads in town sport Christmas names such as Rudolph and St Nicholas Ave.
  5. The Worlds Largest Alligator is located at Christmas. The 200 building is shaped like a gigantic alligator.
  6. American sculptor Hughlette “Tex” Wheeler was born and raised in Christmas Florida.
  7. St John’s River Airboat Tour launches the best airboat tour in Central Florida from 28500 E Colonial Dr, Christmas, FL 32709.  Our Airboat Tour Packages & Pricing
  8. Best of all It is Christmas day 365 days a year in Christmas, Florida!

Check out this video for a virtual tour of the town of Christmas located in Central Florida

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