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The St Johns River is an integral waterway through Florida swamps and marshes teeming with tons of wildlife and landscapes there are endless opportunities to take some of the best nature photos in Central Florida.

We feature tons of photos of the stunning St Johns River where we provide airboat tours customized to each guest’s goals. You tell us what you want to photograph or video during your airboat tour and Captain Mike will take you there! An Airboat is a great way to get those amazing shots that will impress your friends and family.

Our airboat Captain Mike loves this river and has explored the area since he was a kid. It’s no surprise that he started A St Johns River Airboat Tour LLC. 

He is very knowledgeable about the St Johns River and the history of the cattle industry in the area. He is a fifth-generation Floridian and his family has passed on a wealth of knowledge about the river and its many inhabitants and unique ecosystems of the everglades that he now shares to make sure every guest experiences the airboat ride of their dreams with tons of photo opportunities!

St Johns River Photo Gallery

 If you can’t experience the St Johns River in person a close second is through the many photos and videos we have gathered over the years. You can view the up close and personal encounters we have photographed with the animals, flora, fauna, landscapes, birds, and more.

Alligator Pictures

Seeing and photographing the alligators up close in the wild is one of Central Florida’s top attractions. 

An airboat ride is a safe and exciting way for the whole family to get up close and personal and capture great pictures and videos of the many alligators who call the St James River home.

In addition to the alligators, there are many options of wildlife to be photographed on your airboat tour you may encounter bald eagles, turtles, cattle, manatees, and Florida Panthers, just to name a few.

Click to see our photo gallery of the St Johns River and its inhabitants

Flowers, Trees, and Sunsets

The landscapes along the St Johns River are not to be missed. You will see majestic cypress trees, beautiful flowers, and possibly breathtaking sunsets during your airboat ride.

If taking photographs of flowers then this airboat tour is for you! The St Johns River area is home to many types of flowers including the Giant Foxtail, Wild Iris, many types of Hibiscus, including the Scarlet Hibiscus, Pickerel, Jacksonville Jasmine, and St Johns Lily Pads.

Are sunsets more your thing? A St Johns River Airboat sunset tour is the way to capture the clouds, colors, and reflections as the sunsets over the St Johns River. It is a sight you will always remember! Our sunset and moonlight airboat rides are a great way to impress your date. 

Fun Fact about the St Johns River from The Florida History News Journal

 “This place has a longer History of Settlement than most of the Country. Far longer than Deland, DeBary, or Daytona Beach.”

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