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At A St Johns River Airboat Tour, we know alligators, in fact, they are the star of our airboat tours! Most everyone wants to see the alligators up close in their natural swamp habitat when they visit Florida and we make sure they do. Here are some of our favorite alligator facts.

  • Only Two Alligators Species Remain

The American, aka the Florida gator, and Chinese alligator are the only two types of these ancient creatures left roaming the earth.

  • They Can Go Through Over 3000 Teeth in a Lifetime!

They have a mouth with 80 teeth at a time. They replace themselves when they break, fall out or leave their mouth resulting in thousands of teeth throughout an alligator’s life.

  • They are the Largest Reptile in North America

With lengths of over 14 feet and weights up to almost 800 pounds, these ancient creatures can be enormous.

  • Alligators are almost 100 Million Years Old

The first known alligator species was Brachychampsa. They lived about 93.5 million years ago and are now extinct.

  • Temperature Determines the Sex of Alligator Eggs

A cooler nest of 88 degrees Fahrenheit results in female babies and a hot nest of 91 degrees Fahrenheit results in male offspring and temperatures of 90 degrees Fahrenheit bring an equal number of males and females.

Bonus Fact: This happens 25-30 after the alligator eggs are laid

  • Alligators will Lay 2-58 Eggs at a Time

With an average of 39 offspring, the mother gator will have her paws full because female alligators are the only parent to provide care to the nest and baby alligators.

  • Alligators Have Glo In the Dark Eyes

Alligators’ eyes are on the top of their heads. They can lie submerged and still see their prey. Alligators have a structure in the back of their eyes that reflects light to improve night vision and create a glow. Did you know? Cats have the same trait.

  • Alligators Can Run at Speeds of 35 MPH

They are fast sprinters with speeds up to 35 MPH but because of their size and weight, they are limited to short runs before they get tired. They can swim at speeds of 20 MPH

  • Alligators Can Not Survive in Salt Water

Unlike their fellow crocodilian family member the crocodile, Alligators can not process the saltwater therefore they are only found in fresh and brackish water.

We have tons of alligator videos and more educational articles on our blog page. to see pictures of alligators and other Florida wildlife check out our photo gallery.

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