Swamp Buggy Environmental Impacts


Swamp Buggy Environmental Impacts Swamp Buggy Environmental Impacts Can Be Very Serious The Sun-Sentinel reported that swamp buggy and other ORVs, off-road vehicles, are causing damage to Florida Everglades. They said, “There are literally thousands of miles of gouged-out, crisscrossing tire tracks. The muddy ruts, visible from [...]

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Unique Central Florida Attractions


Unique Central Florida Attractions When people visit Orlando or the Space Coast of Florida they often visit famous attractions such as amusement parks like Disney and Universal. Today we share 6 unique Attractions in Central Florida that will make your vacation unforgettable and full of great memories! [...]

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Differences Between Swamp Buggy and Airboat Tours


Differences Between Swamp Buggy and Airboat Tours Airboats and swamp buggy rides are very different experiences and also have very different effects on the delicate ecosystems found in Florida Everglades. What is an Airboat? Airboats are propelled by an above-water propeller and have a flat bottom that [...]

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Space Coast Bird & Wildlife Festival


Space Coast Bird & Wildlife Festival We are pleased to participate in the 4th year as an exhibitor and field trip guide! Come by and see us at the event or book an airboat bird tour of the St Johns River by Captain Mike. Details below. This [...]

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