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About St. Johns Airboat River Tours

Captain Mike is a 5th generation Floridian of the original settlers in east central Florida and St John’s River area that raised cattle, operated and owned sawmills, planted and harvested the orange trees.  Mike spent his whole life hunting, fishing. camping, and scenic views on the river with his dad and grandfathers.  The experience gives Mike extensive knowledge of the flora, plants, birds, and the changes that has taken place over time, the river he loved with all its amenities:  The river is located between the east coast and central Florida.  We tour a portion of the St Johns River located on highway 50 between Titusville and Orlando close to Christmas, Florida.  This is one area that has been important for transporting cattle from the east coast to central Florida, which his family was a part of.  The history of the St Johns River has been an import commodity for the crossing of the cattle, transportation and a way to provide supplies to the settlers.

Safety is a strong part of our comment to our customers. Captain Mike is 3rd generation of law enforcement as a Federal Officer: during those years he worked as a S.W.A.T. Officer, and Field Supervisor with the Marine Enforcement Unit at Kennedy Space Center, Cape Canaveral Air Force Station and U.S. NAVY. .Mike was the certified instructor that provided all the training and operations for personnel on Marine Enforcement vessels including the airboats.  Our boat is insured, outfitted with all safety features of Coast Guard requirements including possible necessary emergency equipment.  This includes our Captain, which is a retired Federal Officer that worked numerous years as a Field Supervisor with Marine Patrol for NASA, Navy and Air Force Station.  He also provides training of boat operation including the Airboats.  His set up and implemented training procedures for boat operations at Kennedy Space Center that are still used.  Mike was nominated for the prestigious award of “Officer of the Year” in 2005 in Brevard County due to his rescues of marine accidents in Brevard County.  Captain Mike is qualified boat operator on the river due to his expertise in law enforcement marine safety.